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As 40% of Singapore’s Population, Foreigners Here Want Similar Privileges as Citizens


They came, they saw, now they want to conquer.

CHUA CHIN LENG: 40% of the population in this island is foreigners. And depending on the parameters one is using, or the definition, true blue Singaporeans are now an absolute minority in their city island. The Singaporeans have been told to be grateful to the foreigners for they are here to help them and create jobs for them. And the foreigners know that they are the white knights that are here to save the daft citizens for without them the little island will go down the chute to the 3rd World. For recognition of this hard truth, the daft citizens are all grateful to the foreigners and welcomed them with open arms and open legs.

The foreigners, especially the fakes, knew how important they are to the citizens and their good life. They know that the good life of the daft citizens will be an issue without them. It is a nice balance with both sides understanding where they stand. The citizens even sent love letters to the construction workers to show their appreciation for building the flats for them. The citizens with the help of the govt are helping the foreigners to integrate and adapt themselves to the island, to make their living pleasant, and to feel very welcome. The citizens have been coaxed to be nice to the foreigners. Even when a group of foreigners rioted, they were referred to as very nice people. No offensive words must be used against the foreigners to hurt their feelings.

The foreigners even demanded for equal rights with the citizens and privileges like places for their children. Some foreigners are starting to lose their patience with the citizens. They found the citizens really daft, no skill sets to be employable, university graduates but unemployable. They got so frustrated with the local retards that they insisted on bringing in their talents from their village universities to replace the so called local talents from so called top ranking universities. Many local PMEs were booted out from jobs that they were doing well for ten or twenty years only to be made redundant and be replaced by talented graduates from degree mills universities or unheard of universities.

The replacement of the locals by the foreign talents is like a coordinated movement and organizations are increasing filling their positions with more foreigners than citizens. They are taking more and more of the top jobs that locals are unfit to do.

In the streets, foreigners are losing their patients with the locals too and would not hesitate to take the law into their own hands, to wallop the lazy, slow and daft citizens.

This is a plea to the foreign talents not to take all the good jobs from the locals. Please leave some jobs for the citizens or they will all end up as taxi drivers. And don’t forget that they have a huge mortgage to pay and children to send overseas for their education. So please don’t take up too many university places as well. Many parents had to sell their flats just because the university places were taken up by foreign students. And please, our citizen lecturers and professors also need to work, to teach. Please do not replace them with talented foreigners no matter how good they are. It is undesirable for our citizen university dons to drive taxis.

You talented foreigners have taken a lot of our top jobs and middle management jobs. We are not complaining if you are taking over the manual jobs in the construction industry. But leave some cleaners jobs in the food courts to the citizens please. They need to work to have a bit of dignity even at 70 or 80.
And please don’t beat us whenever you are unhappy or provoked by the daft citizens when they got into your way. They did not know that they should be out of your way. And please don’t cheat our oldies. They have a lot of money but they are all suffering from dementia or simply gullible and are easy targets. They worked very hard for a life time. Please don’t cheat or rob them of their life savings.

Please, please, tolong, tolong. Be kinder to us, the daft citizens of this island. And when you foreigners eventually take over all the top jobs in the island and the govt, have mercy on us, the original citizens. We are very nice people too, really. We don’t mind inviting all of you and your village kins here to take over our jobs and our country. Just be nicer to us and leave some crumbs for us.

This commentary was written by Chua Ching Leng.
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