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AHPETC vs the MND aka Mayweather vs Pacquaio: How will Residents Swing?

The Worker’s Party believes AHPETC residents can live with their vote.

But with AHPETC supposedly on the verge of insolvency, will residents keep the faith?

What do people remember most about the whole AHPETC saga so far?

-AHPETC was found to have lapses in its accounts by the AGO, but it didn’t commit any crimes
-AHPETC paid some S$1.6 million more than its managing agents compared to other town councils
-those managing agents held positions in AHPETC, which stirred allegations of conflict of interest
-AHPETC hasn’t made two payments to its sinking funds so far
-AHPETC refuses to appoint independents PwC to check its books, claiming bias

-the government is trying to “fix” the WP by attacking AHPETC in parliament and in court
-the government is “hard-hearted” for denying grants to AHPETC over its finance lapses
-the government says AHPETC must be cleared by independent auditors, otherwise no grants

It’s a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight to the finish.

The WP appears to be Mayweather – dodging here and there, putting in a couple of punches, then running off to a corner again before giving a couple more jabs.

The government? That’s Pacquaio.

Aggressive in the attack, persistently striking blow-after-blow.

Many in Asia rooted for Pacquaio, saying Manny had the guts and the fighting spirit and showed wqhat true boxing should be.

But Mayweather won.

His was a game of calculated attacks, interspersed with moments of retreat designed to drive his opponent to sheer frustration, greater ferocity, and eventually fatigue.

Who will triumph in Singapore’s Mayweather-Pacquaio fight?

AHPETC is running out of funds.

For residents, that would possibly mean dirty corridors, scaling back of community activities, and maintenance issues for lifts and other facilities.

If the WP refuses to reject the MND’s “advances” by appointing independent accountants (or accountants desired by the MND such as PricewaterhouseCoopers), it’s unlikly that the MND is going to back down on its stand to withhold S$14 mil of grants to AHPETC.

Then how?

Even if AHPETC residents dislike the PAP, or they have this social consciousness that drives them to break the current one-party rule in Singapore, will they forgo everyday issues that affect them and keep the WP in power?

No one knows, and everyone votes in secret so only the final result will tell come General Elections – when that does come.

For now, it appears that the Pacquaio PAP might have the upper hand.

But if the WP can pull rabbit out of the hat, it may just turn the tide.

What a match!

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