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Brain Drain: Ruling Party Running Out of Ideas?

Is the brain drain getting too overwhelming that the Singapore government is getting desperate?

Apparently, it’s now turning to headhunters to woo overseas Singaporeans back to the country.

Contact Singapore, the state body tasked with recruiting skilled foreigners, will now also refer overseas Singaporeans to headhunters.

It’s still unclear what prompted the move.


Flown the Coop

Perhaps the question for the government is: what is prompting some 200,000 Singaporeans to say good riddance to Singapore every year?

High cost of living, perhaps. Social inequality and a lack of opportunities to move upwards, maybe. Then again, there’s also the looming anxiety that we will have to slog things out until the day we die. After all, if you listen well enough to coffeeshop talk, you’ll hear many people saying “it’s better to die than to fall sick in Singapore”.


Taxpayer’s Money Leh

The scary part is how much of our money is being used to woo overseas Singaporeans back home.  Studying official figures, it’s estimated that $400 was spent for every Singaporean attending Singapore Day 2012. That’s a hell lot of laksa, char kway teow, and wayang.

All this, too woo people who were probably lured away by better prospects, and pushed away by a bleak and uncertain future at home.

No one’s faulting Singaporeans for leaving.

What’s at fault: the government creating a climate which is fast becoming unlivable for most Singaporeans, blaming us for leaving, and wasting our money tax money trying to convince us otherwise after we’ve flown the coop.

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