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Character is “Permanent” for Dr Chee, but Not for Rogue PAP MPs?

HAROLD CHAI: Michael “Playboy” Palmer was even appointed the Speaker of the House in parliament. Grace Fu, the Minister who so graciously put down Dr Chee Soon Juan for being unemployed, gave a disgraced MP David Ong her glowing endorsement during GE2015. Under her nose, he was supposedly (luckily, not literally) sleeping with a grassroots volunteer.

When the PAP says talk is cheap and that Dr Chee is an “unchanged” and “unrepentant” man, on what authority are they basing their speculation? Their position as the natural aristocracy of Singapore? Even DPM Tharman said that Ong’s resignation was “totally unexpected”. This is the esteemed financier of Singapore we’re talking about, so what makes the rest such great judges of character? Not the best people to go about throwing stones when they can’t keep their own gardens clean.

Michael Palmer was just too good at stealing hearts, and bodies. (AsiaOne)

Michael Palmer was just too good at stealing hearts, and bodies. (AsiaOne)

We have seen the changes in Dr Chee from 2001 till today. If you haven’t seen him around Holland-Bukit Timah, now is the chance to go to Bukit Batok and see for yourself whether he is the same demon painted by the press in the past and the PAP at present. You have the responsibility to do that unless you don’t want to accept that your views on the man are simply one-sided – the side people choose to highlight and not the person you’ve seen with your own eyes.

The PAP have made glaring errors, and promised voters the moon while giving them a lemon in return. Several lemons. What has the SDP given Bukit Batok residents? Hope, and a chance of making lemonade. What are you risking, voters? A rogue MP? Too late, you already had one. Now is the time to let someone else make amends.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Criminal PM

    May 25, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    If Tharman a convicted criminal can also be DPM and talk openly as a shameless indian, what else can you trust when these crooks talk?? Some more can turn around use their poisonous tongues to badmouth others?

    If local indians want to stay safe in Malaysia and Singapore under the multiracial protection, they have to forcefully vote this Tharman out themselves !!! just to regain their reputation as a race…no other ethnic groups can do it for you.

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