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“Elite” Junior Colleges Side-by-Side Escape Merger despite MOE’s “Good Spread” Excuse

RONALD LEE: The MOE says it is merging junior colleges due to falling birth rates, and to ensure a “good spread” of JCs across Singapore.

Does this map of junior colleges in Singapore look like a “good spread” to you?

It’s the real spread, adapted from what the “merger-only” spread that Straits Times showed you.

What we’re seeing is lesser JCs in areas with higher populations, while those in “attas” but less populated areas of Singapore remain untouched.

The best example I can give of why the “good spread” reason is a stupid excuse is National JC – Hwa Chong JC is just across the road.

But it’s okay, because elite JC students get new MRT stations (i.e Tan Kah Kee station) while those from the slums get paved.

While JCs like Innova make their name in sports, and “lowly” Serangoon climbs up the points chart, others like Catholic JC, the traditional home of the elites has hit close to rock bottom.

Catholic JC too remains untouched despite its close proximity to Hwa Chong, National, Raffles and St Andrews.

Not forgeting the next “elite” Eunoia JC, which is slated to open near Raffles JC and Catholic JC.

Meanwhile, there are much fewer JCs in the Singapore “neighbourhoods” and the MOE has seen it fit to trim their numbers by half.

How’s this for a “good spread”?

So it’s okay to preserve the heritage or whatnots of the “elite”, but trample over that of everyone else?

So much for schooling children in the values of equality and meritocracy as enshrined in our national pledge.






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