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Ex-GIC Chief Economist: Gahmen’s Courting of Cheap Foreign Talent to Blame for Local Talent Shortage


Former Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Chief Economicst Yeoh Lam Keong has publicly lashed out against the government’s immigration policy.

The Vice-President of the Economic Society of Singapore says that the government has been “far too liberal” in importing cheap foreign talent, and that is depressing the wages of locals.

Using the engineering sector as an example, Mr Yeoh said that the result of cheap foreign imports and resultant wage depression will bring about a shortage of local talent in the long term.

This is what Mr Yeoh criticism:

“Want to know the real underlying economic reason why we face a shortage of good Singaporean engineers and IT professionals?

Because we have been far too liberal in importing cheaper regional engineers and IT staff for over 2 decades. This has bid down the real wages and working conditions of such professions such that the return on investing in such a tertiary education and career is unattractive to locals.

20-30 years ago, some of the the best and brightest sought to study engineering. Now it’s become one of the last choices. You can’t blame our locals. It’s simple labour market economics and rational human capital formation choice.

But it’s had a huge negative long term impact on local industrial capability compared to other economies like Germany, Switzerland or Japan where good engineers still command a labour market premium and engineering continues to be a highly respected profession. They continue to lead the world in precision engineering and innovation.

This is also reflected in declining local engineering standards in the public sector for eg the SMRT and public housing lift maintenance as well as in the lack of private sector development of specialist engineering products and services. Why upgrade to these activities when we can do quicker operations based on cheap engineering labour and products?

It’s also created a vicious circle where high end engineering firms now find it difficult to locate In Singapore unless they can hire foreign engineers.

And our leaders bemoan the shortage of good local engineers ? Sigh**

It will take a decade of properly stringent professional immigration policy combined with the right industrial and education policy to fix.

But fix it we must.”




  1. Yong Ngee

    August 7, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    Should put a stoppage, as there is this saying cheap things don’t least and good thing are not cheap.
    Why are we giving these people to come to the country as they could better or even lower just because they can take lower wages.

  2. Marcus Lim

    August 9, 2016 at 2:20 am

    Why do we often read sarcasm and criticism of government policies in the social media but this very same government had won election after election with huge majority as if the frustration and anger of the social media users are completely absent and doesn’t carry any weight at all. So forget about criticizing government policies because it doesn’t work.

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