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Foreigners Lower Wages of Locals, How Long More Can We Hide from This Inconvenient Truth?

ELSON: Foreigners depress the wages of locals.

We’ve heard that common refrain ring loud and clear many times amongst Singaporeans, and many times, Singaporeans have been attacked for being xenophobic.

It’s not that we’re intolerant lah.

Singaporeans are known to share many things with strangers, except their precious chou chous.

But how long more can the government hold out, before it is forced to prove that foreigners don’t depress wages in Singapore?

Even the Bank of England has acknowledged that immigration keeps overall wages low.

“One respected study, by Dustmann, Frattini and Preston, found that each 1% increase in the share of migrants in the working age population leads to a 0.6% decline in the wages of the 5% lowest paid workers.”

That’s the impact.

What’s worse?

“The Bank acknowledged that it – like the government – had underestimated how much immigration there would be in recent years.”

Does this sound similar to the situation in Singapore?


We’re curating immigration to grow the population to 6.9 million by the year 2030, so there’s no underestimation –  at least ONE difference lah.

Sure, Singapore’s problems are unique and native, just like that vaccine jab mark on every kid’s ass.

But it now boils down to the government to release its vault of data showing us that the problems Britain faces will not take place in Singapore with its loose immigration policy.

Or have those problems already taken root?

This commentary was written by Elson.
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