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Give MPs and Ministers a “Bao Toh” Reward to Promote “Ownself Check Ownself”

CHEW: Many have doubts when PM Lee and his team of PAP leaders say they care capable enough to act as their own checks and balances in parliament. That’s understandable it’s hard to “bao toh” others whom you are familiar with, which it possibly part of the outcry against Lee Bee Wah’s “catch the litterbug and win a prize” proposal – it can lead to antagonism with those in your own neighbourhood,

But in the best interest of Singapore and Singaporeans, there must be antagonism in parliament. It acts as a check and balance. Since there are only a handful of opposition in parliament to act as a counterweight, why not adopt Mdm Lee’s proposal and reward PAP MPs to “ownself check ownself”? That way they will be encouraged not to turn a blind eye to issues like the People’s Associations million-dollar lapses, or how Gardens by the Bay can reward over S$20 million in contracts without tender, or how a rat infestation can take place directly across the road from a town council office.

Even the recent saga regarding Hepatitis C saga. SGH initially hid the truth from MOH, while MOH also buried the information on the 22 cases of infection until after the elections, and only 6 months after the first case of infection is a mass screening done with affected hospital staff and patients.

It’s situations like these that make me believe a “bao toh” reward is necessary. Who knows what else the public might uncover?

Lee Kuan Yew and those after him say that its important to pay the top brass well so that Singapore can attract the best talent as leaders. So a “bao toh” reward would prompt these top talents to scale greater heights in their role as leaders. Pay out a couple of million dollars a year to save hundreds of millions of taxpayer’s money in lapses sounds like a good trade-off.

So why not give it a shot?

Pritam Singh isn’t everywhere ok.


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