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Jailed, Bankrupted and even “Poisoned”, Chee has Been Punished so Let’s Not Breed a Blame Culture


“The PAP have sued me, jailed me, made me a bankrupt. But I am still standing. I do not bow to those who mock me. I will not kneel before them, because one cannot stand for one’s principles on bended knee.” – Dr Chee Soon Juan

After Health Minister Gan Kim Yong’s public statement about how errant SGH staff whose lapses caused the deaths of 8 patients and saw more than 20 others infected with the crippling Hepatitis C virus, you’d think people would put Dr Chee’s past “misdemeanours” in context. The names of the culprits were never publicly released.

Dr Chee was declared bankrupt in 2006 because he couldn’t pay S$500,000 in damages to former PMs “Woody” Goh and Harry Lee. He couldn’t stand for election, or travel overseas without official permission. Needless to say, his children who were very young then need not look forward to holidays in Tokyo or even Batam.

He was jailed for 3 weeks in 2006 because he didn’t pay a court fine (after already being bankrupted) after protesting against inequality in Singapore.

And he was even believed to be “poisoned” while in prison (by himself and the SDP) because he felt nausea, dizziness, sleeplessness and had blood found in his urine – though the Ministry of Home Affairs called the “poison” suspicion a baseless and a malicious attempt to undermine the reputation of the prison service.

Really, tak boleh tahan.

Just like the errant SGH staff, Dr Chee has been punished, so why do we and the PAP continue to defy Mr Gan Kim Yong and play the blame game? Judging by his present non-adversarial, no personal attacks stance, don’t you think he has already felt enough pain for his past actions?

What is PM Lee looking for when he accused Dr Chee of being “unrepentant” and “unchanged”? Is he looking for a kowtow and a public apology printed in one of SPH’s papers? None of the medical fraternity whose actions led to 8 people dying ever apologised. The only person who said he was sorry was Health Minister Mr Gan “I had no idea this was going on at all” Kim Yong.

How much more does the government want to destroy a simple heartlander Singaporean who is just sticking his neck out for other common Singaporeans?

So much for a no-blame culture.

Must he commit hara kiri before everyone is satisfied?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christopher Bong

    May 5, 2016 at 11:40 am

    This is the kind of double standards that is PAP. For a Health Minister to say, “I have no idea this is going on at all”, says a lot about the minister. He is incompetent, not on top of his work and totally not in touch with his people.

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