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Lelong! Why Study for a Masters When Fake Degrees Can Do the Trick?

This guy came to me and offered me his name card. My God, was I impressed. Below his name is a long list of credentials. Let me just list them down to show you how well qualified he is.

  • B. Eng, Masters Computer Science,
  • Ph D Eng,
  • Ph D Science,
  • Ph D Social Engineering,
  • Ph D Technology.

I asked him if he was in senior management. He said no, just an engineer. But his boss was very impressed and even asked him how to get these Ph Ds to add on to his name card. He said his boss only got a B Eng from NUS. Now his boss felt malu looking at his name card.

I said soon he should be taking over his boss position. He said no lah. He was employed only because of his first degree which was genuine and from a reputable university in Geylang, the rest he bought it from the degree mills. Oh, you mean degree mills degrees can also be printed in the name card. He assured me can. He said he listed them in his CVs also. But not to worry, the rest just for show show only. The boss knew he did not get them by the normal and proper academic route. But it is okay. No worry, no crime. Not a crime.

This is the new fashion in Singapore. Even one government agency did not find any problem with it, till now. He said if don’t believe go and ask IDA. This type of thing is very normal one. If I don’t have a long list, employers would say I got no relevant skills set compare to FTs. FTs all got very long list of degrees and many many skills set.

I was so happy that I too went to get a few Ph Ds to add onto my name card. My name card now is printed on two sides. Too many degrees from University of Cempedak, University of Tekka, University of Telok Blangah, University of ….Oops, I can’t remember, so many of them that I don’t even know what they are. But shiok, damn shiok. Damn impressive. Whenever I meet anyone I will hand them my name card.  Lan par oso song.



This story was written by Chua Chin Leng and first published on My Singapore News.
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