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Lift Death Shows PAP MP’s Careless and Shoddy Management of Pasir Ris-Punggol

RONALD LEE: Empty vessels make the loudest noise, as the saying goes. The PAP was going on an all-out attack on Dr Chee Soon Juan in Bukit Batok, saying how he isn’t fit to be an MP because he’s jobless, unremorseful, and generally a bad guy lah.

Looking at the latest lift malfunctioning incident in Pasir Ris which killed poor Uncle Lim, you wonder whether all the “good guys” in the world with all their qualifications are fit to be MPs.

First off, Pasir Ris-Punggol MP Zainal Sapari says:

“I am concerned after learning that other residents might have raised similar complaints earlier. I have asked the town council officers to look at the feedback records. We are still investigating at this point.”

Seriously, Mr Zainal, you’re an MP leh, not a cabinet minister.

You’re supposed to be looking in to the needs of your constituents regularly. How can it be that this issue has been raised before and complaints have been received by the town council but you’re not aware of anything until now?

Cannot just say don’t know and tekan everyone else, right?

Next thing is, aren’t you supposed to make sure that things are running properly?

The lift misalignment of between 15 to 25cm was, according to an engineer, due to overspeeding which could have caused wear and tear.

The lifts in the area are supposed to be about 20 years old.

Complaints about this particularly “deadly lift” were already made up to a year ago.

How come there’s still no proper checks to make sure that the internal mechanisms are working well?

This isn’t a game of cards leh, this is your life and mine and Uncle Lim’s and a lot of other residents too ok.

Surely the MP should be checking to see if his subordinates are doing their job properly, even if he doesn’t micromanage them?

Lastly, if lift parts don’t function well, blame lift and change parts. If MP doesn’t function well, then how ah?




  1. H Heok

    May 20, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    I am very disappointed with the way our MPs & Town Councils operate. Apparently there are many lapses and people are complacent kn doing their jobs. They wait for accidents and deaths to occur & put blames on personalople on the ground for all the faults. These people has forgotten their responsilities being at the top, they can point finger at the scapegoat and never realized that his other 3 fingers are pointed to themselves. Where is the accountability and responsibility? Get big & obscene salaries and doing what?
    The simple management practice is to plan, organize, implement, MONITOR &TAKE CORRECTIVE ACTIONS BEFORE ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, & troubleshooting the system all the time.
    Lapses happen all the time yet the MPs and senior management go scotch-free. In South Korea, the President step out to take responsibility of the Sewol accident. President Xi & his PM. flew from Beijing to comfort the flood victims. Here our young abled bodied youngsters kill in the MRT train tragedy, Mas Selamat escape, Orchard Road floods, the poor boy died in the mismanagement of the Tae Kwon Do grading exercise by allowing a novice to spar with a brown belt & no proper safety & protection preparation which I can witnesse that practise by the TKD Federation. He is a precious son to his family. Lapses in the budgeting of the Youth Olympics & yet it is only a learning lesson but a very very expensive one for the taxpayers. Our MPs are very good at criticizing the opposition members when theirr own party members are themselves the culprits. Criticism on Aljunied/Hougang TC and digging deep into their flaws lnly reflect how shallow are ther thinking. Instead of trouble shooting and improving their management skills they are wasting

  2. Chris Bong

    May 21, 2016 at 11:52 am

    the fish head is the first to rot and smell before other parts.

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