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MINDEF Lowered IPPT & RT Standards, Might As Well Give Army Boys Panties & A Skirt Too


China army girls would be the crap out of us like this...

China army girls would be the crap out of us like this…

We used to do boxing for training. Now, touch rugby? Is MINDEF serious about turning our Singapore men into sissys? Will skirts be part of our army uniform next?


I served my national service – when conditions were much tougher, and men were much rougher. My instructor would scold my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother before he came to scolding me. We did alot of fitness training, such that even fatties can run 2.4km in 10 minutes. And when it came to learning self-defence, we fought. Like men.


Now our national service boys have cleaners for their barracks. They have better food, and stricter training safety restrictions. We might as well hire shoe-shine boys to clean their boots and maids to carry their backpacks too, or has that already been done?


Now, MINDEF wants to molly-coddle NSmen. They form the bulk of Singapore’s defence force, and not the army regulars. If we relax IPPT standards, and next RT, then the only force we will get when it comes to crisis or war, is a force that will be a laughing stock.


Would you trust this toot to lead you into war?

Would you trust this toot to lead you into war?

When I look at the fighting that’s going on in the world today, I wonder if I can trust our army to protect Singapore. Malaysian commandos battle terrorists in Sabah. In Israel, the army fights armed rebels. Even in the Philippines and China, even though there are no wars to fight, the army manages disasters like flooding and earthquakes.


Can we trust our army to step up when it comes to crunch times like these?


The army buys into its own lie that it is training boys to become men. Let’s see what type of soft men it produces in years to come.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tham Swee Weng

    December 11, 2016 at 8:46 am

    Can’t even breathe in 2nd-hand smoke – their bodies have lower resistance. Compare against our NS days decades ago. How to defend the Nation or initiate an attack against enemy forces?
    Carry umbrellas, put on surgical masks.

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