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PAP MP Lee Bee Wah Goes on Petty Witch Hunt for 8-Year-Old Cycling at Void Deck


In what appears to be a petty attack on a minor issue, MP for Nee Soon GRC has appealed to netizens to trace a child who was cycling at a void deck in her constituency.

Lee shared a post by Nee Soon CC, which threatened enforcement action against such cyclists, on her Facebook page.

The photo shows a small boy, who appears to be around the age of 8 to 10 years old, cycling at what the CC calls ‘high speeed’ near a lift landing.

It’s unclear whether this is an attempt by Lee to name-and-shame the boy.

What’s clear is that there are certain provisions in Singapore’s law which make it a priority to protect minors, and an online witch hunt could potentially lead to an actual witch hunt by overzealous constituency members.

Children play, and children make mistakes.

Is there a need to go to such an extent to persecute a boy in such petty fashion for cycling?

Was no other approach more gracious, suitable, or available, Ms Lee?

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