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Passion of the Botak: Will Second PAP Scandal in Two GEs Sway Bukit Batok to the Red Corner?

HAROLD CHAI: Looks like David Ong had the passion to serve more than just his Bukit Batok SMC residents.

If reports that his affair with lao chio Wendy Lim started 6 months ago are accurate, then this passionate botak must have been happily humping his way through the last General Election lah!

There’s a reason why we should show our utmost respect for our 73 percent Man – he can score two goals with one shot.

Even Lionel Messi can’t do that.

You can forgive him lah (Ong, not Messi).

It must have been election fever that got him in heat.

At least he isn’t like that other PAP dude, Michael Palmer, who was busy bonking a grassroots member on the side.

Eh wait a minute…

But it’s just another honest mistake, let’s move on.

I can’t imagine Ong sending Michael Palmer-esque text messages to that lao chio like “Hello darling… I love you loads. More than I sometimes show…”

Or other Michael Palmer-esque text messages like “I hope you are having a good massage. I have some mangoes for you. I love you and miss you loads.”

Will Bukit Batok residents take this honest mistake into account come by-election?

After the Workers’ Party’s Yaw Shin Leong got caught humping some married China Girl (hopefully not at any of your void decks),  Png Eng Huat stormed Hougang with a 62 percent win in the by-election.

That was just 2 percent less than Yaw, who secured 64 percent of the vote.

So opposition fans who are hoping that the SDP will see a revival Bukit Batok, well, the passionate botak won 73 percent of the vote there lah, so chances of an opposition win are likely to be as slim as an expose that Wendy Lim was actually a William Lim.

“But then ah, Harold, Lee Li Lian won in Punggol what…”

Yes, but the margin between her and Loverboy Mike in GE2011 was also a lot slimmer.

So just like the passionate botak shouldn’t anyhow raise his man thing, I wouldn’t get my hopes up that the SDP’s Sadasivam Veriyah will be second time lucky in Bukit Batok.

“Yeah, Harold, but what happens if Dr Chee ran?”

The right question would be whether the father of three is a gambling man.

Run for by-election in a scandal-hit ward and lose will run the risk of him losing his reputation as an opposition strongman.

Run and win then good, but there’s always that kopitiam talk that “he only won because some botak couldn’t keep his balls to himself”, or something along that line.

Don’t run and people will call you “kiasee”.

Really, it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t, so I wouldn’t on Dr Chee taking up this offer personally.

So how?

It looks like this scandal will prove just a slight dent in the PAP armour.

Bukit Batok residents should just hope for a new handpicked PAP MP that isn’t as passionate as this botak.

And anybody else but this guy.



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