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Singaporeans Have Become Bystanders In Our Own Country

GI JANE: I come from a single parent family, my mother stricken with a long term autoimmune disease shortly after my birth.

We lived with one of my mom’s younger brother and was able to finally buy our own 3rm HDB flat only when I was 17 years old.

Needless to say, the only overseas holiday I ever had as a child was to Genting Highlands in secondary school.

Like so many others, I went to a neighbourhood primary school (that has since closed down) and had to take out a student loan with a bank to attend local university.

I was a latchkey kid for almost all my schooling years as my mother had to work to support my brother and I, and to pay for her own medical bills.

Why is this any of your business? Because I believe my background qualifies me to say I am a typical Singaporean who endured a less than privileged life.

This will be my 2nd time voting in a General Election and I have just 5 thoughts on us Singaporeans, the incumbent party, and the opposition parties.

Singaporeans have become bystanders in our own country.

1) Uncivilised behaviour.

Dirty toilets, dirty tables, dirty streets. Let’s face it.
We CONTRIBUTE to the mess and expect OTHERS to do the job.
Sure, you can say they are paid to do it but what happened to our sense of social responsibility?
Do you make a mess in your own residential toilet by peeing all over the floor like an animal and then leaving it unflushed since your domestic helper is paid to keep your house clean?

If you don’t have a domestic helper, then does that responsiiblity automatically fall on your mother?
Do you throw cigarette butts/tissue paper/empty water bottles/thrash cans/food wrappers on your floor at home after you are done? No right? Then why do so many of us do so the moment we step out of houses?

Singapore is our HOME. It is our collective RESPONSIBILITY to take care of our home. It is not solely the cleaners’ responsibility nor the government’s responsibility.

2) Companies that unfairly favor non-Singaporeans.

Let me use an analogy. There are rules against speeding and beating the red light. But there are thousands of motorists and some will abide by these rules, while others will flout them.
Do you expect the Traffic Police to stand at every fucking traffic light and install speed cameras along every inch of the road to catch 100% of these offenders? Of course not lah. You think half of Singapore sign on as TP ah?

Then why the fuck do you expect that the relevant authorities have the manpower to catch all the companies who flout employment rules? If you know of someone flouting the rules, report them lah! Don’t just sit around, whine about it and feel sorry for yourself. You waiting for who to come and save you? Superman?

3) The plight of the less fortunate.

Poverty can NEVER be eliminated. Because wealth will always be relative. The only way of having equal income is through true communism. Then go ahead, you are free to migrate to North Korea.
So whose responsibility is it to take care of these less fortunate? I believe it is SOCIETY’s responsibility. The government must continually do more for them but we as fellow Singaporeans must help our “gah gee nang” also right?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not demanding that we must all start donating our money to help the needy.
Again, let me use another analogy. You see someone who has fallen down on the street. Do you just stand there and look at the person? Or do you offer your help? I would like to hope that most of us would choose the latter.

So why not offer a little bit of our time to these people who have “fallen down”? There are many social welfare organizations in Singapore but with insufficient manpower. By all means, continue to go for hi-teas, clubbing sessions, window shopping, online gaming. It is your life afterall. But if you claim to feel sorry for the less fortunate, show it with your actions, not your words. Otherwise, you are just a “paper sympathizer”.

4) Public nuisance.

People clipping their nails, eating, drinking and even smoking in public trains and buses. Young people doing hanky panky stuff. People spitting in public places, parents allowing their children to pee or defecate openly in public.

BOTH locals and non-locals are guilty of this. You see oredi very buay song right? Of course. But how many of us speak up? You think you take video post on social media very hero isit? Please, I actually think those who take video of people making out are secretly cheekopeks.
Analogy no. 3: You are a parent and you see your child doing something wrong. Do you correct your child on the spot? Of course. I see countless parents scolding their children in public for making them sia suay.

So why can’t we do the same for these people? Yes you can say these people are already grown adults, they should know better. But nothing works better than shaming people in public.
With enough people standing up to them, in time to come most will eventually stop. You might ask why should you bother? Simple, will you allow people to make a nuisance of themselves in your house? No right? Then don’t let them make a nuisance of themselves in our COMMON home: Singapore.

5) Not enough money.

I was born into a family without much money. But I grabbed whatever opportunity available to me to study hard and be the one who can make the difference for my family.

Was I ever smart enough to get scholarships? No. Was my mother able to send me to private tuition? No. Did I go to some prestigious Ivy League university? No. Did I graduate with first class honors? No.
Did I earn big bucks as a fresh graduate? My first salary was THREE HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS. Swee boh?

Nowadays, I hear fresh gradautes that can take more than 6 months to find a job because they are adamant that they are worth a certain price and will not settle for less. Your sense of self-worth sibeh high sia.

But it might be so high that it’s restricting oxygen flow to your brain and hence affecting your ability to think straight. Help lah, dun step one atas. If you cannot eat humble pie, you are in for big trouble.
Then there are others who know they do not require the relevant skills set for career progression but find studying part-time “too tough”. You want a better life, then you are obviously going to have to work for it.

I see shops with looking-to-hire notices everywhere so please don’t say there are no jobs. I even saw a newspaper article about a local hawker who is willing to pay $100 per day (that’s $3000 a month) to hire a shop assistant but people find it “too tough”.
Fact of the matter is there are job opportunities and there are tonnes of self-upgrade opportunities in Singapore. But these people don’t just want money, they want easy money. Anything that isn’t easy is simply “too tough” for them.

I find that incredibly shameless because you are insulting the hundreds of thousands of other Singaporeans who are willing to work hard to create a better life for themselves and their families.
NOBODY OWES YOU A LIVING. If you’re not willing to work hard but others are, then you have no right to be bitter when they become more successful than you.

By all means nobody is here to tell you how to live your life. But if you can change handphone whenever the latest models come out, have paid staycations in places like MBS, do not hesitate to buy branded bags, NEED to go holiday at least once a year, NEED to buy car to travel for work, then DO NOT complain that you have no money to buy a HDB or support family.

If you think these are all not your problem but solely the government’s responsibility, then please don’t call yourself a Singaporean. You are just a bystander.

Because if you truly love your country, you will do your part to keep it clean, do your part to keep people who misbehave in line, and do your part to help others who need help, and be willing to work hard for yourself at the very least.

Incumbent party – You know why alot of Singaporeans buay song you? Because many FEEL you have neglected to take care of your own people in the pursuit of paper prosperity.

1) HDB. No need me to say you also know lah hor, your 2011 results cui until cannot cui anymore because you ask people to make more babies but never build enough HDB for them.
Yes, after that you chiong to make HDB but I hope you did not compromise quality in your rush to build them. Because you would’ve digged your own grave.

2) You sibeh excited that you introduce EC as subsidized housing for Singaporeans who want to own condo (which by the way blows my mind in the first place).
But congratulations you got screwed over because the developers you awarded the contracts to, think that subsidized condo = substandard quality.

You can hold mediation meetings, set up committees to look into these matters all you want, but if no action is taken to punish these developers, people will simply think you fuck care.
Ban the bloody bastards from bidding for future EC projects, get your own people to look at the designs more stringently.

Your reputation is on the line. It is not just the developer’s problem. It is just as much your problem if not more.

3) Teachers used to have pensions and even dedicated housing because education in the early days was an important pillar to our Nation building. Education will ALWAYS be one of the pillars for a country’s progress.

So do MORE for our educators! The same goes for our fellow Singaporeans who work tirelessly in the public service sector.

Be it a teacher, a healthcare worker, a soldier, a policeman, a fireman, a paramedic, a social worker, they are all serving our community. An overhaul of their remuneration is LONG OVERDUE.
Give these selfless people a sense of ASSURANCE that although they are likely to earn less than others in the private sector, but they will not have to worry about their old age.

They deserve to have preferential treatment because they chose to serve their Nation.

4) Healthcare is the no. 1 concern in any country facing an ageing population. Yet again, you never build enough hospitals in time, resulting in serious overcrowding in our public hospitals. Seriously, you fucked up on this.

Got Medishield Life but no hospital bed for people to sleep in, got use meh? You claim that with KTPH, Ng Teng Fong Hospital and the upcoming hospital in Seng Kang, there will be enough beds. But I’m doubtful. The number of public hospitals should be doubled because our population is growing and ageing simultaneously.

5) Foreign workers. This is one of the most rage topics. Yes we are all originally migrants to this country. But we migrated here at a time where people were not so crowded together, and probably more gradually and in much smaller numbers.

So this current influx of foreigners is really something that has to be properly dealt with. Do they have go through some kind of initiation of our Singapore culture, the rules and regulations, and social practices, to help them better integrate into our community?

If no, then why the fuck not? Acceptance into our society is an all-in effort by us, by them, and by you. Set up a localization program for them, teach them to understand and respect our culture.
Foreigners working in Singapore and who commit crime here should be punished more severely than locals, have their permits revoked and if the offence is serious enough, should be BANNED from entering Singapore indefinitely.

I know of at least 1 other country who metes out such stricter punishments to foreigners working there and even tourists.

Some might think I’m being harsh but I make no apologies for being a proud Singaporean who has zero tolerance for a foreigner who is given the opportunity to work here but instead comes to commit crime.

Opposition parties – You know why so many Pappies think you’re a joke? Because you openly fight among each other and cannot even share a united front despite having been around for so many years, and many of the tunes you have been singing to are really old, and really useless.

1) You du lan CPF 55 years old cannot take out. Excuse me, do you know what is the average age that we live to? Singaporereans are really kiasee which means we typically live till age 80. You think your CPF can last you for 25 years ah? Dream on man.

You want to take your CPF money go some neighbouring country to “bao er nai” while you still got stamina just say so lah. Don’t have to make your personal agenda a national one. You set up crowdfunding for that, I promise I donate $10 to you.

2) Think National Service is a waste of time? Think just having a regular force is enough? Even want to cut Defence budget by 40%? I think your Geography in secondary school confirm is fail one. Have you seen Singapore’s location on the world map? Do you know who are our neighbors? Do you still think terrorism is just an old wives tale after people across the causeway have been arrested for being ISIS extremists?

Do you have a secret agenda for wanting to undermine our nation’s defence? You working for ISIS isit?

3) You like to say PAP is elitist and out of touch with their citizens. You must be having serious vision problems. Did you not read about late Mr LKY’s house? His furniture even more cui than the ones I had at home when I was young and mind you, I stayed in and am still staying in a HDB. THAT was the living condition for PM LHL all throughout his childhood leh.
If I had to live like that all through my childhood, I think I would’ve run away from home long ago liao sia.

And have you not read about so many of these MP’s childhoods? That many of them came from ordinary HDB dwelling families and studied hard to get scholarships?
You jealous that you not as clever as them is okay, I also jealous of my friends who were cleverer than me and could go overseas to study mah.

But don’t call these people elitist because you are putting down the sacrifices their parents had to make to raise them.

From normal HDB, upgrade to condo, upgrade to landed, isn’t that the Singapore dream? So all other Singaporeans can do that but PAP MP’s cannot lah? Win liao loh.

4) Train breakdown = PAP’s fault. This tactic I like sia. It’s machiam saying I see lightning before I hear thunder because my eyes are in front of my ears. Seems legit leh, but it’s bullshit lah.
The train breakdown is definitely a problem the government must resolve because it is a nation-wide transportation. But just because it’s their problem doesn’t mean they caused it or that it’s their fault. There is a BIG difference.

So your house toilet bowl clogged up is whose fault? The plumber’s fault? Because he is the one who you will call to help you fix it mah right? But actually your toilet bowl clogged up because you are too full of shit.

5) You want to give people free money, free HDB, free transport. WAKE UP YOUR IDEA. NOTHING is free in this world. How long can you give out these freebies before you bankrupt the country?

You think throwing money at people can solve problems permanently. NO. You can give a person a fish but for as long as this person is not taught how to fish, he/she will depend on you to keep giving him/her more fish INDEFINITELY.

Anyone can throw suggestions to better the country. Even I just gave some recommendations. But until the opposition shows that they have the CALIBRE to implement these suggestions, I will still choose to vote for the incumbent. SMLJ right?

Well here is my final analogy. Imagine your partner whom you love wholeheartedly, has a heart attack and needs a life-saving surgery. Yes, you have unconditional love for him/her.

But unless you have been trained as a heart surgeon, ultimately, you still will be unable to save him/her.

So dear opposition, you may have the feels for the people, but you most definitely do not possess the talent to run a country yet. If you form the government with your current way of thinking, you will ultimately bankrupt us.

And I love my country too much to allow that to happen.

This election is serious business. The government has GIVEN me NOTHING all through my life (excep maybe bursary?) but has PROVIDED me with the opportunities I NEED to work hard and change my own life. What some of us may consider a birth right as a Singaporean is a luxury to many others, even for those just across the border. A vote once cast, is cast in stone.


This commentary was written by GI Jane.
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