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State Media Website STOMP Goes Under Review

“If you don’t like it, go elsewhere. It’s not as if STOMP is your only media diet.”


A defiant statement there from Patrick Daniel, editor-in-chief of Singapore Press Holding’s English and Malay newspapers. He says no one is being been forced to read STOMP.


But in the same interview at the World Association of Newspapers conference in Hong Kong, Daniel also let out that SPH will review the website.


His comments come in the wake of a popular campaign to close the site down.


The campaign on has so far gathered more than 23,000 signatures.


Daniel admitted that the campaign has impacted SPH.


STOMP has been accused of promoting public shaming, invasion of privacy, cyberbullying, and racial intolerance.


This article prompted a Singaporean sales executive to start the STOMP shutdown campaign.


The article was later found to be grossly inaccurate.

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