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US Flop Blames Cops: Sun Ho Says CAD Ruined Her Plans to Star in Gossip Girl, Release English Music Album

The Sun rises in the East, and flops in the West.

The Sun rises in the East, and flops in the West.

From now on, all Sun Ho stories, and ones from before go into the Ho Chio section. She’s just too laughable lah. Which character in Gossip Girl would she expect to play, even if she did act in it? The one that got away… after 3 seconds of airtime and a million bucks given by City Harvest to the TV network?

Also… She COULD have appeared in Dancing with the Stars and CSI: New York! That is, if the pitches worked lah (which means more millions down the drain).

And she’s also blaming the Commercial Affairs Department for spoiling her plans to release her first-ever English album. So Singaporeans and Americans, let’s all chip in and buy our hardworking CAD officers a round of beer. Praise the Lord those plans were scuppered.

You dodged a bullet, Americans. Sun Ho was supposedly going to begin a radio tour, starting in New York City. We at Redwire don’t think the pigeons in Times Square will appreciate that very much.

Sun Ho was summoned back to Singapore sometime in June 2010 for the investigations. Her husband Kong Hee said the album set to be released in the US on Aug 17, 2010 (that means Aunties, better but 4D 0817 iBet)

“All the work and money put in over the years, down the drain… There was no possibility of any recovery…”

Kong Hee got that right. He should have used the millions of dollars to sponsor Serina Wee instead.

Beauty and the Troll

Beauty and the Troll

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