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Voters Must Give Chee a Chance to Fulfill His Pledge of Making Bukit Batok the “Envy of Singapore”

RONALD LEE: Bukit Batok SMC has come under a fair bit of scrutiny since March, when its MP David Ong became the laughing stock of Singapore.

The PAP member resigned in shame from his post and party citing “personal indiscretions”, though he cowardly refused to confirm the widespread belief that he slept with one of his grassroots volunteers and was caught with his pants down.

Now, it’s left to either the PAP to pick up the pieces – if Bukit Batok voters allow them to. Or, they could well choose to spur change by casting their vote for the SDP.

After his candidacy was approved today, Dr Chee proclaimed that he wants to “make Bukit Batok the envy of Singapore”. To bring this pride back to the west-siders, he announced that he will be a full-time MP.

The SDP has also announced its plans for Bukit Batok, most revolutionary of which is a group of experts brought in to manage different facets of town council operations rather than relying on one managing agent as is the case with town council management now.

The SDP has also declared the PAP’s “terror tactics” of “no S$1.9million upgrading if the PAP candidate isn’t elected” a pack of hogwash, saying that the any party that comes to power will have access to the government’s funds set aside under the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme.

DPM Tharman has rubbished this, accusing the SDP of being unprepared and that the PAP has already done its homework.

We should be worried if the PAP hasn’t – the party held power there and should have made plans given its 5-month headstart under the previous botak who shamed the party, and seeing how Bukit Batok SMC was part of Jurong GRC before it was carved out as a SMC in GE2015.

We should be worried because the PAP’s “homework” didn’t include making sure its MP wasn’t fooling around with grassroots girls.

The SDP, on the other hand, has slowly been building up its support base, especially among the younger and more educated voters. But Bukit Batok is a mature estate, and it’ll have to convince the older generations there of their cause seeing how Bukit Batok is made up of more aged residents.

Dr Chee has been walking the ground there since March, portraying an image of a family man dedicated to the cause of bettering the lives of the elderly, while giving those with more energy a say in how town council matters are run through townhall meetings.

He has one more week to convince the young and old there that he’s the right man to bring glory back to Bukit Batok.

Otherwise, he will be the first opposition MP in recent times to flop at a by-election – the Workers’ Party won in both by-elections held in the past 10 years, even when it was a WP MP who was found being naughty.

Now that the PAP has a stranglehold on parliament, Bukit Batok residents need not fear that their vote will bring “chaos” to Singapore.

Instead, they now have the chance to let Singapore see how capable the opposition can be, and teach the PAP that “next time don’t give us a dud MP” – we wouldn’t have come to this by-election if Ong had kept his pants zipped up.

Besides that, we’ll now have another voice in parliament to keep the government in check, simply because we know that “ownself check ownself” doesn’t work very well, as exemplified best in the whole SGH Hepatitis C outbreak saga.

What’s there to lose? Upgrading? No, the funds for Bukit Batok have been set aside. And seeing how utility man Victor Lye is working so hard in Aljunied, it’s good to have a friendly PAP MP on standby for all your needs, isn’t it Bukit Batok?

There’s a lot to gain, and nothing to lose, so why not give Chee a chance?


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