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What Scares the S*** Out of Me Transitioning into a Working Adult in Singapore

Offbeat Perspectives
shares with us their short collection of poetry about moving from cub to working adult in Singapore.

Our advice? Work hard with the right aim in mind:

“Hit the books and study hard,
Earn your cash and credit card.
Life gets better every year –
When dough is plenty, so is beer.”

Have a read and see if you can relate to any of these musings and do share any advice you have for the young ones.


What happens if I slowly lose my individual thoughts?

Like how the ground eventually dries up during a drought.

What if I one day lose my ability to think?

With my capacity to question drowning into a sink.

Forsaking opinions for ambition.

Choosing stability over diversity.

Giving up freedom for reliability.

And learning to take reality, as the very same fantasy.

My creativity will all just wash away,

Squeezed out by repetitive routines throughout the day.

Where your mind do not even have a place to think,

And only your eyes are left, with the given tasks to blink.

Like a robot,

I’ll just work like a machinery tool.

Controlled by systems,

Restrained by rules.

Will “realism” become another word for “normality”?

Where achieving KPIs become my main focus and sanity?

And idealism becomes just a plain fantasy,

With conformity ironically, becoming a necessity.

Welcome to the world of being an adult,

Where regulations just aren’t meant to flout.

We all used to have dreams, don’t we.. as youths?

Or were they just dreamy shoes, too big to even fill?

But.. I’ll tightly hold on to what I have,

Before they are eventually taken away by the decree theft.

Thanks Offbeat Perspectives for sharing these little ditties with us, and good luck.
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