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Maids, Know Your Place: Outrage that Maids Denied Entry into Condo Gym

JOIE TAN: I can’t believe what just happened.

The guard at my condo denied me access to the gym. Not because it was full or I didn’t have a card at all, but because I was using my maid’s card and “maids are not allowed in the gym”.

Yea you heard me right.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I had to go to the Management Office to make sure I didn’t hear it wrong.

“Yea sorry ma’am maids actually not allowed in the gym.”
“Oh they are only allowed to access the gates.”


I tried to google it and see if anyone has encountered the same issue and found this article.

They’re the ones who take care of your house, kids, dogs, sickly parents.
They’re the ones who make sure your food is “up to standard” so that when you come home from a long day at work, it is “good enough”.
They’re the ones who smile at you and make you tea/coffee when you’ve had a bad day- even if you rudely demanded for it.

I’m pretty sure some of them would actually risk their lives for your family if they had to.

What the hell is going on, Singapore?

This is not okay.


This commentary was written by Joie Tan and first published on her Facebook page.
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