[VIDEO] Heavy Metal Band Runs Amok at Malay Wedding

Posted on Jan 25 2017 - 8:27am by Redwire Singapore

If you need something loooooud to spice up your wedding, why not get this machiam Slipknot heavy metal band to bang out a few tunes?

These chaps were seen playing at a Malay wedding, and were captured on camera by Shafeeqah Ros.

She said:

“You can only see this at a Malay wedding. When Amok mengamok.”

Amuk is a band that plays Malaysian jiwang metal music, with all the masks and such.

This band however, is a cover of Amuk and plays more romantic music lah.

So, anyone thinking of ditching that wire-thin Train song “Will You Marry Me” for something a little heavier?




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