53-year-old SDP Uncle Chee Soon Juan Finishes 4-Day Walk Around Singapore

SDP head honcho Dr Chee Soon Juan has completed his 4-day walk around Singapore, putting to shame those half each age who can barely walk to the kopitiam 2 blocks away without panting (i.e the editorial team).

His trip took him to places like the Istana, Botanic Gardens, and also the French Embassy, where he stopped to pay his respects to those who perished in the recent terror attacks in Paris.

The 53-year-old’s right knee was apparently causing him much pain throughout the journey, and several times it appeared like he was ready to throw in the towel.

He didn’t, ended his walk as planned yesterday at Hong Lim Park (15 Nov).

The walk was aimed at raising funds for the SDP, as the party gears up for the next General Election.

Contributions will be used to help the party improve its community outreach services, defray costs of daily operations, train new members, and develop policies.

(All photos are courtesy of the Singapore Democrats)


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