Dr Chee: Minister Wong Digs Up 20-Year-Old Incident to Assassinate My Character

CHEE SOON JUAN: I was quite surprised at Mr Lawrence Wong’s outburst tonight during the CNA forum. It was a bolt out of the blue when he cited a matter that happened 20 years ago to continue the PAP’s tactic of character-assassination.

His comment was not in keeping with the spirit and tone of the forum which, up until then, was a robust but civil debate on the issues of the day and the future of our country.

This happened despite the PAP’s promises not to indulge in the destructive politics of old. When the programme was over, Mr Wong came up to me and we shook hands. Then he smiled and said, “You came prepared.”

I have repeatedly urged the PAP to refrain from such kind of politics, including Mr Chan Chun Sing who called me a political failure earlier this year, and focus on the issues that Singaporeans care about.

Apparently, however, our younger ministers are bent on continuing such a tactic – a tactic that does not sit well the voters. It is my sincere hope that for the sake of Singapore, the PAP will stop what it is trying to do and get back to having a constructive GE on how we can better the lives of our fellow citizens.



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