Dr Chee: The Opposition is Not a Useless and Destructive Force

SDP chief Dr Chee Soon Juan has maintained throughout this election so far that the SDP wants to give Singaporeans a reason to vote for the party, rather than simply going against the ruling PAP government.

At last night’s rally, he added to that refrain, acknowledging that there are some good hats amongst the PAP while pushing the opposition’s cause.

Rather than seeking to destroy, Dr Chee chose a more constructive and collaborative approach to Singapore’s political landscape:

“The PAP is not all bad. Some of the MPs genuinely work and care for the people. But by the same token, neither is the Opposition the useless, destructive force that the PAP paints us out to be. We have good ideas that will help to improve the lives of our fellow citizens. The PAP and the Opposition can, no must, find common ground and work for the good of this country.”

Dr Chee said that the SDP is pushing for credible and usable policies that will move Singapore forward.

The SDP’s focus this election has been on centred on improving the welfare of Singaporeans.

Proposals that have been put forth include halving defence spending in favour of healthcare, and for the setting up of a  wage equity commission – to include representatives from trade unions and social work organisations – to recommend a minimum wage level, so that Singaporeans can cope with the rising cost of living.

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