Dr Chee: Vote Me In to Hold the Government Accountable on Hard Issues Facing Singaporeans

“The reality is that we’re not doing well, and our future is bleak…”

SDP chief Dr Chee Soon Juan asked Bukit Batok voters at his rally last night to consider their future if they continue to support the autocratic system put in place by the ruling party.

He told voters there is a strong need for change, especially in the way the political system is run.

“If we don’t change, we die – it’s as plain as that. And the one thing that we must do to change is that our political system must allow the people the freedom to speak, to express themselves without getting sued by the Prime Minister, without media filtering what we say and without constantly portraying the PAP as the party of heroes.”

Questioning if the PAP’s by-election candidate, Murali Pillai, was the right man for the job, he said:

“Do you think Murali Pillai will be different from his other 81 fellow MPs and ask the hard questions that must be asked in ‪parliament?”

Dr Chee asked voters to send him to parliament so he can debate with ministers on hard issues and demand more accountability and transparency.

Among these, the cost of building HDB flats, the profits which the GIC and Temasek holdings make on the back of Singaporeans’ CPF money.

Dr Chee also assured residents that should the SDP be voted in, the town council will be well-managed.

“Not only does the PAP contract out the management of their town council, it collects a whole lot of fees from you, building up huge surpluses and then invests these funds in risky projects. In 2008, eight PAP Town Councils lost 16 million dollars by investing in failed financial products from Lehman Brothers. This will not happen in Bukit Batok under my watch.”


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