Goh Meng Seng: “Lame and Shameless of WP to Believe They have the Confidence of Voters

People’s Power Party chief and former Workers’ Party election candidate Goh Meng Seng has spoken out against the WP after an interview held by WP’s top brass tonight regarding the impending AHTC court battle.

Goh said that the saga has resulted in a “crisis of confidence” that would lead to a setback for opposition politicians in Singapore.

The WP’s leaders – chief Low Thia Khiang, president Sylvia Lim and AHTC vice-president Pritam Singh – have been brought to court for their role in the alleged overpayments by AHTC to its managing agent FMSS.

An independent panel appointed by AHTC has commenced legal action against the trio and other WP members as well as FMSS to recover millions in said overpayments.

This is what Goh Meng Seng had to say about the WP councillors’ reaction to the lawsuit:

“When I first watched this interview, I felt extremely sad, pissed off and disappointed.

Workers Party under the leadership of Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim had a good run from 2001 to 2011. But this was not possible with the sacrifices made by many other individuals, politicians, activists and volunteers. WP owes their success to these people.

However, the current saga created by WP due to its pure incompetency, has squandered all the political goodwill accumulated throughout the 16 years contributed by many people, including my belated brother David and others who had passed away. How could they rest in peace now?

The issue now is no longer whether WP is guilty or not because it is a foregone conclusion that WP has displayed total incompetency in its Town Council Management and did not practice due diligence to ensure the most important fundamental tenets of Democracy, the Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances in their management philosophy. The REAL issue now is WP has landed the whole opposition cause into the BIGGEST Crisis of Public Confidence in Singapore history.

PAP has been painting opposition parties and politicians as “incompetent fools” who would either screw up the country or squander the reserves if they lose power and we take over as government. The current AHTC saga would only enforce and strengthen that public discourse and political narrations for many decades to come!

But yet, Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang could still put up that smirking smiles on their faces when addressing the press over this issue?

This Crisis of Public Confidence, if not addressed properly, will have long lasting impact on Singapore opposition politics. It may take 20 or even 30 years for the impact to wade off! And this would mean a total set back of the Democratic development process of Singapore by at least 20 years!

This is no longer about whether there is any younger people to take over WP if the current MPs and leaders of WP lost the case and become politically invalid to contest future elections. This is the future Democratic development of Singapore at stake!

It is pretty lame and shameless to take GE2015 results as a testimony that Singaporean voters have given WP a show of full confidence because if that is so, WP’s general votes would not have tumbled so drastically, resulting in the lost of Punggol East SMC and even for Aljunied GRC, WP only managed to win by a lazer thin margin of less than 1%! That was actually a show of a loss of confidence in WP instead of glorious testimony of any kind! Such loss of public confidence happened even before any lawsuit was launched against WP. And now, lawsuit has been launched and THE SITUATION NOW is EVEN WORSE than GE2015… not better!

When I see such lame, shameless and illogical smirking show of confidence in spite of the gravity and seriousness of the trouble they have gotten the whole opposition into, I feel extremely piss off. It is just like a naughty child who got into trouble but tried to give you that smirking innocent smile in the attempt to convince you that everything is alright with lame and illogical excuses!”

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