Lee Bee Wah: Resident Complained that WP Activists are Conning Them into Voting WP

Have Workers’ Party activists been swindling uncles and aunties in Nee Soon GRC to vote for the WP?

MP for Nee Soon GRC, Mdm Lee Bee Wah says that a resident has complained to her that WP activists have been telling the elderly that they should mark a X next to the WP team if they don’t like the WP.

She said in a Facebook post:

“A resident came to tell me today: WP activists have been misleading the elderly folk that if they don’t like WP, they should draw a cross next to the hammer when they vote!  Look at this drawing: you should draw a cross next to the party you want to vote for. So disappointed that they’re targeting the elderly again!”

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Marking an X next to a party means that you’re voting FOR the party. (Read: 6 Things Singaporeans MUST Know Before Voting in the General Election (Otherwise Kena Hoot!))

Online, comments have come in fast and furious, with many slamming Mdm Lee and accusing her of telling tall tales.

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However, some have leaped to Mdm Lee’s defence, saying that she has a good record of reaching out to the elderly in Nee Soon.

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Mdm Lee is defending the PAP’s grip on Nee Soon GRC, together with K. Shanmugam, Faishal Ibrahim Henry Kwek and Louis Ng.

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