Lee Wei Ling Suggests Dr Chee is a Two-Faced Liar and Says She Never Signed Petition to Support Him


Dr Lee Wei Ling, the sister of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has denied signing a petition in support of Dr Chee Soon Juan.

The petition, created by local theatre stalwart Neo Swee Lin and endorsed by several prominent artists and activist, had been created to call for a stop to “gutter politics” practised by PAP MPs and their personal attacks on Dr Chee.

One of the signatories to the petition was a “Dr Lee Wei Ling”, and many believed that the enigmatic daughter of the late Lee Kuan Yew was once again attacking her brother for “sullying” the Lee name.

The “Dr Lee Wei Ling” signed the petition, saying:

“First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt said this: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

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However, Dr Lee has clarified the person who signed it isn’t her.

In a Facebook, post, she said she has a “very poor opinion of Dr Chee” and doesn’t think he is fit to be in parliament.

She also suggested that he is using his family to lie to voters that he is a changed man, and was two-faced in his criticism of David Ong.

Dr Lee said:

“It has been said that I have signed a petition asking to stop attacking Chee Soon Juan’s character. This is false, I have a very poor opinion of Dr Chee, and do not think he is fit to be in Parliament . The man has not changed at all, though he is now posing as a changed man, using his family.

Last week, he allowed his speakers to Attack David Ong and then came on stage and pretended to be magnanimous and said we should not attack character. When pressed, he admitted he knew what the fellow speakers were going to say.

What do you say about such a man? And having made character attacks, when this is pointed out, he then played the martyr, saying his character is being attacked.

why does he not deal with facts: why did he in the first place agree to his speakers attacking David Ong’s character, while pretending to be above it all?

I will never support such a person. And I believe that his true nature should be fully exposed- cheating NUS, telling untruths all his life, slippery – And Singaporeans should decide whether such a person should be in Parliament. Is it possible that he has truly reformed?! Just look at what he did last week.”

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