Lim Tean: Reserved Election Walkover was a “Massacre of Our Democracy” and Singaporeans Won’t Forget

“What happened over the last one and a half years and culminating on Wednesday and on Monday when the walkover was announced amounted to a massacre of our democracy.”

Former National Solidarity Party chief Lim Tean has condemned the PAP-led government’s move to change the Constitution to turn PE2017 into a reserved-for-Malays-candidates-only election.

Speaking this evening at the protest against the reserved election, Mr Lim urged Singaporeans who are unhappy with the “walkover win” for President Halimah Yacob to make a stand.

“Today a small fraction of the population which has been disenchanted with the whole process came together to give a signal to our government that these sort of claims cannot continue, this sort of manipulation of the Constitution cannot continue and that you  do not descend to the depths and use race as a determinant for elections and to block a very popular candidate.”


Many Singaporeans have taken to the internet to decry President Halimah’s “walkover win”.

This, especially after successful and prominent local businessmen Salleh Marican and Farid Khan were barred from contesting as they did not meet the financial eligibility criteria to run for president.


The government had raised the qualifying criteria for public sector candidates while refusing to raise the qualifying criteria for public sector candidates.

President Halimah would not have qualified to run for president had the criteria for public sector candidates been raised as well, as per the recommendations laid out by the Presidential Elections Committee.


Referring to the 38 Oxley Road saga 2 months ago, Mr Lim said that the PAP government has “lost the moral high ground.

He said that event Singaporeans won’t forget that fiasco, and the controversial circumstances in which President Halimah was elected.

And, the PAP will pay because of the wrath it has generated among the public:

“Many PAP supports have come up to me and said how disgruntled they are with this government. I do not think this issue is going to go away so easily as the PAP ministers hope it will go away. I think this is going to linger on well into the General Election in the coming years. I think as Dr Tan Cheng Bock said a few days ago in his Facebook posting, the next time Singaporeans speak about this event, there’s going to be a thunderous roar.”



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