MSF Minister Tan Chuan-Jin to Replace Halimah Yacob as Speaker of Parliament


Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin will be the new Speaker of Parliament.

He will resign from his current post as MSF chief, so he can be nominated by PM Lee Hsien Loong as Singapore’s 10th Speaker.

This comes after PAP MP and former Speaker Halimah Yacob resigned from her post to run for the presidency.

Commenting of his nomination of Mr Tan for the Speaker position, PM Lee said:

“I first discussed this with Chuan-Jin after Mdm Halimah Yacob told me she was resigning to run for President. It was not easy to find a suitable replacement. While Chuan-Jin stood out as the best choice, it was a very difficult decision to nominate him, as it meant losing an effective and activist Minister at MSF Singapore.

As Speaker, Chuan-Jin will have to preside over Parliamentary debates, and ensure fair and full discussion of national issues. Chuan-Jin has the temperament and personality for this role. Since entering politics, he has built up good links with a diverse range of NGOs, VWOs and interest groups.”

He added that Mr Tan has the “temperament and personality for this role.”

Mr Tan has welcomed his new appointment:

“I’m glad to accept PM’s nomination and hope for my Parliamentary colleagues’ support.

From E.W Barker to Tan Soo Khoon to Halimah Yacob, each Speaker served to the best of his or her ability, and in their own unique ways.

Good ideas can come from both sides of the House, as does good intent. In fact they abound throughout the length and breadth of our society. Our duty must be to harness these for the common good – so as to put them to the service of fellow Singaporeans, and to build a better society. I look forward to doing this as effectively as I can.”

Mr Tan will continue to advise MND informally on environmental and animal welfare issues.

He will also be appointed Advisor to NCSS Singapore. Naturally, Chuan-Jin will continue to lead Marine Parade GRC, and remain as President to the Singapore National Olympic Council.

Meanwhile, Second Minister for National Development Desmond Lee will replace Mr Tan as the MSF Minister.

He will give up his current posts as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs.



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