Angry Netizens Cow Beh Janil Puthucheary for using Parliament as an A**-Kissing Platform


Malaysian-born Singapore politician Dr Janil Puthucheary has been criticised for using parliament to kiss a**.

They feel that the Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC MP’s speech yesterday smacked more of boot-licking theatrics than the “substance” which he spoke of.

PM Lee Hsien Loong lifted the party whip and had called for MPs to question him rigorously during yesterday’s parliamentary session regarding the Lee Family Feud and allegations of abuse of power and nepotism.

But many feel Dr Janil didn’t exactly do that.

Said Ben Lim:

“Stating truism when itself was not even the whole truth. Trying to be philosophical yet falling short. I can’t make out exactly how his speech help to gain better understanding or insight into all the allegations surrounding the Lee Family feud. Where are the vigorous questions?”

Quek Liuyong thought Janil deserved an award:

“We may only be slightly past the halfway mark of 2017 but ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have a clear frontrunner to the “Angkat Bola” of the year award.”

Amarjeet Singh said Dominic Puthucheary, Janil’s father and a founding member of the PAP, would be embarrassed by his son’s words:

“This guy is so embarrassing that I’m embarrassed for him. What would Dominic say if he had heard this drivel from this sellout.”

This video of Dr Janil’s speech, which was uploaded by Channel Newsasia, was flooded with many more angry comments slamming him for playing to the gallery.

He started by replying to Workers’ Party MP Pritam Singh’s claim that parliament wasn’t the right place to solve the personal feud among the Lee siblings, saying:

“We could have a debate here in parliament. But if we didn’t do our job properly, do our due diligence properly, search for questions, search for problems, search for evidence, search for substance to the allegations, bring them forth in this House, we wouldn’t be doing our job properly and we wouldn’t be giving substance to the form of a parliamentary debate.”

Then, Dr Janil lavished high praise of PM Lee Hsieng Loong:

“Prime Minister has held himself up as an example. He set the bar very, very high, but he’s made it absolutely transparent what he expects of all of us.”

Some like Hussain Shamsuddin, did not find Dr Janil very convincing:

“Its a day which will go down in history in which the PAP dominated parliament has officially become a joke at which the whole world will be laughing at us. The MPs whom we elected to represent our views are instead shamelessly pitching for themselves to the ruling party for promotion.”


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