“Over-the-Hill Uncle” Lucky Charles Snatches Back Punggol East for the PAP

He was supposed to be punished, and badly.

Hell, he even got “orh luak” and “orh neng” mixed up.

But it was “Lucky” Charles Chong who had the last laugh this morning, as he wrested control of Punggol East SMC back into the PAP’s grip.

Following the results, WP incumbent Lee Li Lian seem befuddled, considering that she had walked the ground there since 2013 when she won in a by-election.

As for Lucky Charles, he had only hopped into the Punggol East boat just weeks ago.

The former Joo Chiat SMC MP was also one of the worst performers for the PAP in General Election 2011, barely beating the WP’s Yee Jenn Jong by 388 votes.

And recently, he was flamed for saying that Punggol East had a surplus of S$1 million when it was handed over to the WP 2 years ago – a claim which has since been shown to be flimsy at best and a drunken rant at worst.

Still, Lady Luck got her way and Lucky Charles, who was condemned as “over-the-hill” and “sent to lose” pulled off a close-shave 51.76 percent victory.

If you need a Chinese name for your kids, parents, it’s time to consider “You Fu” (got luck).

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