PE2017: Salleh Marican says as President He Can Push CEOs of Top Firms to Donate to Charity


Prospective President Salleh Marican has pledged to donate his President’s salary (over S$1.5 mil a year) to charity if he is elected.

But that’s not all that the self-made towkay says he can do.

As president, he says he can use his clout to encourage other successful businessman to pledge money to charitable causes.

Mr Salleh worked to support his family since he was 15 years old when he father died.

He later rejected the offer to join the army as a Lieutenant and chose to do business instead despite his mother’s objections.

Mr Salleh later started 2nd Chance, which grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Now he wants to give back to society.

His election campaign team is working on a social movement called Mind The Gap which aims to raise funds and awareness of smaller charities in Singapore.

Mr Salleh says that he there’s more he can to as president, which he can’t do in his present status as just a businessman.

“You see the difference – the influence of the President can have a great impact on any activity he or she chooses to promote. For example, if I write to all the CEOs of the big companies in Singapore to donate to this cause, most of them will do so. But as an ordinary citizen, if I do that, how many will even read the letter?”


Mr Salleh outlined the kind of president he will serve as if elected today:

– One who is independent of any political party or organisation
– One with business acumen to safeguard the reserves
– One who has empathy and compassion for the less fortunate
– One who is prepared to stand up and be counted.

The words of a man who has publicly pledged to forgo his presidential salary and donate over S$1.5 million of it to charity every year.

It’s hard not to take his word for it.

Oh yeah, and his daughters are damn chio lah…




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