“Poisonous” States Times Review Claims Foster Anger and Indignation Among Opposition Parties

States Times Review editor Alex Tan, a former Reform Party general election candidate, has rankled opposition party leaders after he labelled them as leeches and nuisances.

In a post on Sunday (21 Oct), Tan called these opposition parties and their leaders as”opportunists” who are “as good as useless”:

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Singapore Democratic Alliance chief Desmond Lim was gracious with his words. Speaking to Redwire, Lim said:

“He has his agenda, but readers have the wisdom to judge.”

Lim preferred to draw attention to his work on the ground, where he has been consistently conducting house visits and social initiatives to benefit needy Singaporeans – work which has been recognised and lauded by opposition parties.

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People’s Power Power secretary-general Goh Meng Seng responded with stronger tact:

“A person like Alex Tan, who is exactly the type of person I have described in my previous post who just whipping up irrational, sensational and emotional anti PAP ranting to leech on those hardcore opposition supporters to earn money via his website, Statestime Review.”

Goh went on to describe how he first encountered Tan on the election trail in 2011:

“When Alex Tan first met up with me while I was still the SG of NSP, he wanted to contest in GE2011 under NSP. He was and still is full of anger and throwing all sorts of assertions, even running WP LTK and SL. He presented himself, arrogantly as someone who is smarter, a modern day ZhuGeLiang!

I was of course bemused but to me, I would still give this young chap a chance. However, in the end, he joined RP under KJ and contested in AMK GRC against the Prime Minster, thinking that he could do better than the WP AMK Team in GE2006. But of course his big ego was instantly deflated by the result.

I find him to be more like a psychopathic with a huge ego which is definitely a mismatch with his mental and intellectual capability.

Look at what he had done so far for the Opposition cause. He is only clever enough to leech on the anti PAP sentiments on each and every instances. Did he provide any refreshing or potent new public discourse against PAP and its policies? Nope. Most of the postings are just a copy cat piece of work with insertion of sensational rhetorics. Such methodology is poisonous to the Opposition Cause as it basically promote senseless idiocy of blind hate.”

Tan contested in GE2011 in Ang Mo Kio GRC under the Reform Party banner, where his team won about 30 percent of the popular vote.

He has since relocated to Australia, where he co-founded the now defunct The Real Singapore, and started his personal blob, the States Times Review.



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