Presidential Candidate Hopeful Farid Khan Might Not Qualify to Run in PE2017

Businessman Farid Khan Kaim Khan has stated his intention to apply to run for president.

But the 62-year-old might not even qualify to contest as, technically, he doesn’t meet the requirements.

First off, Khan is of Pakistani descent.

So, though he may have been born in Geylang Serai, speaks Malay, and celebrates Hari Raya, he isn’t exactly Malay.

PE2017 has been reserved for Malay candidates only.

Next up is the new requirement that private sector candidates have to helm a company with at least S$500 million in shareholder equity.

Khan is the chairman of marine services firm Bourbon Offshore Asia Pacific, which has equity of US$300 million, or S$415 million.

Khan will qualify to run for the presidency only if discretion is practised by authorities.

The Community Committee has the discretion to grant Khan a Community Certificate stating that he is a part of the Malay community, which would allow him to meet the criteria of, well, being a certified Malay.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Election Committee has the discretion to waive the S$500 million eligibility criteria for private sector candidates.

Khan has said that he wants to “serve the nation” and thinks he is the right man for the job of President.

And he say he his ethnicity should not hinder his chances to qualify to run.

“I am of Pakistani descent and my wife is of Arabic descent. Yet our family and relatives speak Malay and practise the Malay culture. So I am part of the Malay community.”



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