Pro-PAP Mouthpiece Accuses Kirsten Han and Thum Ping Tjin of Treason

A website that even state media agency The Straits Times has dubbed as “pro-establishment” has accused Kirsten and and Thum Ping Tjin of treason.

5 Stars and a Moon suggested that the journalist and historian respectively were traitors to Singapore because they were on the payroll of George Soros.

This comes after Han and Thum’s application to start a company, OSEA Pte Ltd, was rejected by ACRA on grounds that it would be facilitating foreign interference in Singapore’s politics – a claim which has been denied.

Here’s how things link up:

-Han and Thum currently write for New Naratif, an online publication owned by OSEA UK
-OSEA UK wanted to start OSEA Pte Ltd in Singapore as a subsidiary firm
-OSEA UK received a S$75,000 donation from Swiss firm FOSI (Foundation Open Societies Institution)
-American investor and political activist George Soros put up S$18 billion to start Open Society Foundations
-Open Society Foundations, according to ACRA, is linked to FOSI.

So: Soros -> Open Society Foundation -> FOSI -> OSEA UK -> OSEA Pte Ltd

5 Stars and a Moon first vilified Soros, calling him the man who orchestrated the 1997 Financial Crisis

redwire singapore 5starsandamoon treason 2 redwire singapore 5starsandamoon treason 3
It then said that anyone who accepts money from Soros is guilty of treason.

redwire singapore 5starsandamoon treason 3
It’s pretty clear-cut who 5 Stars and a Moon is referring to.

redwire singapore 5starsandamoon treason 4
Another attempt at character assassination by yet another PAP mouthpiece?

After all, we’ve seen this happen before in the form of fake news used to discredit opposition figures.

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