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SDP’s Two New Candidates Want to Champion Reforms in Healthcare and Education

The Singapore Democrats have unveiled Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah and Ms Jaslyn Go Hui Leng as the party’s two new candidates for the coming General Election on 11 September.

Dr Tambyah is a professor of medicine and a senior lecturer at the National University of Singapore.

He was a founding member of human rights activist group MARUAH, and has since left the group.

Dr Tambyah has been volunteering with the SDP for the past 10 years.

He says he want to push for cheaper healthcare.

“Singapore has very good healthcare. We’ve got very good doctors, we’ve got good nurses, we’ve got good allied health professionals, we’ve got excellent infrastructure. You go to our hospitals they are comparable to some of the best in the world. The trouble is that they are really, really expensive. For example, deductibles for MediShield Life are still very high, ranging from S$1,500 to S$3,000. That covers the bulk of C-class hospitalisations. In other words, once MediShield Life kicks in, you still have to pay either out-of-pocket or through Medisave for the bulk of your hospitalisations.”

Sales director Jaslyn Go says she wants to push for change in the education system, starting with making it less stressful for children.

“Every year, for PSLE you sometimes wonder whether parents are the one doing the exams or the children. This has to be changed. The education system in Singapore is really very stressful for the kids. I want our kids to grow up in an environment where they enjoy learning.”

Ms Go also says there’s a need to champion the cause for the youth of Singapore:

“In my generation, we were still able to make it without a paper chase. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the younger generation. We have to compete with non-Singaporeans for a place in school and work.”

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