Shanmugam to WP: Don’t Go to Jail Means You Can Do Anything You Like?

Law Minister K Shanmugam apparently isn’t very impressed with the Workers’ Party’s latest rebuttals on the issue of AHEPTC funds.

At a rally in Hougang last night, WP secretary-general Low Thia Khiang had issued a challenge, saying he was fed up that the government kept harping on the AHEPTC issue when no corruption was found despite several on the town councils finances.

“If we had done anything wrong, we would all be in jail! If there was any corruption, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau would have checked on us. They wouldn’t have let us off!”

That hasn’t sat well with Mr Shanmugam, who said at a PAP press conference this afternoon:

“So, you can pretty much do anything you like as long as you don’t go to jail? That is the sort of standard the party has set for candidates? Let’s look at that standard and it is clear that they have been behaving to that standard because the High Court has said Ms Sylvia Lim has misled Parliament, , she was dishonest. She has not responded to that. Yes, you don’t go to jail for that, but I suppose that is alright. And she is of course Chairman of the party.”

Mr Shanmugam also accused the WP of dodging questions about AHPETC, and saving their responses for rally time.

“The rally is the place they choose because at rallies you can’t be asked questions. In Parliament, (WP candidate) Pritam Singh says he won’t answer questions because anything he says can be questioned. So they run away from questions in Parliament, run away from questions from the media, then they take the rally stage and say all sorts of things. Let Singaporeans think about it.”

That appeared to be a slight at the WP’s Pritam Singh, who said in parliament this year that the WP will only answer to residents, when questioned about the AHPETC issue.

“I think Singaporeans will ask the question: ‘I need to know that you’re transparent and honest. I need to know that you will not take the money and give it to your friends.’ Now in the one place, in the only place that they were in charge, everything has gone wrong. They haven’t produced an unqualified account in a single year. Unqualified means auditors are saying I cannot give an opinion on the nature of your accounts. “To me, the most telling thing is why are you holding back information from your own auditors?”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Francis

    September 5, 2015 at 7:49 pm

    Law Minister K Shangai getting senile? Of lah, not going to jail meant that no law is broken, when no law is broken, how to go to jail? Law minister some more.

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