The Mysterious Cancellation of the Book Launch for The Phantom of Oxley Castle


The Phantom of Oxley Castle was supposed to be launched at the Arts House this Saturday (18 Nov).

But that launch has since been cancelled abruptly, with the book’s publisher, Epigram, and the Arts House blaming each other for the cancellation.

Both the publisher and the venue operator each say the other was responsible for the cancellation.

Yesterday, Chief Executive of Epigram Books, Edmund Wee, said said The Arts House had informed him on the phone over the weekend that they “did not want the book launch (to take place) at their premises”.

He said that the Arts House gave him a reason for the cancellation, but he has declined to disclose details of that explanation.

The Arts House, however, said the final decision to cancel or postpone the event was made by Epigram Books.

The Phantom of Oxley Castle had been written by Wee, together with 24-year-old University of Warwick post-grad student Chloe Tong, and 23-year-old NUS graduate Liana Gurung, 23.

Its summary goes like this:

“Once upon a time on a tropical island, there was a grand castle with 38 rooms. Living inside were two young princes, a princess and their pesky butler named OB Markus. Prince Hector the Eldest is bookish and rational; Prince Humphrey the Youngest is rebellious; and Princess Harriet is daring and brash. One night, the children hear a strange ghostly noise coming from the dungeon and decide to investigate.”

Sounds suspiciously similar to a very recent Lee Family Feud over 38 Oxley Rd?

Wee says the characters are fictional and that the story is not a re-telling of Oxley Road events, though the similarities appear intentional.

Though the book launch has been cancelled, you can pick up a copy of the book here.



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