TOC Editor Voices Anger at Tan Cheng Bock’s Hong Lim Park No-Show: “No One Should Feel Sorry for Dr Tan”

The Online Citizen editor Terry Xu has struck out at Dr Tan Cheng Bock for not giving face at a Hong Lim Park event he had organised which was aimed at speaking against changes to the Elected Presidency.

Dr Tan, a former presidential candidate, didn’t show up at the event on Saturday (5 Nov) even though Xu had invited him to attend.

Xu was angry at being rebuffed as the event had been organised in part to promote Dr Tan’s bid for the coming Presidential Election, even though Dr Tan’s chances of qualifying given the new criteria appear slim.

“Dr Tan declined the offer when he was approached to participate in the event, despite the event was not organised by TOC and no opposition members were invited in hope that he would consider the invitation.

I have no idea what is he trying to be politically correct about, given that he has already been publicly ostracised by the PAP.

The victims of Operation Spectrum were pretty right in their assessment of Dr Tan. Dr Tan as one of the committee looking at the case in 1987, would probably have done the same thing of keeping quiet if something like that happen again and neither would he grant clemency to death penalty cases where it should have been warranted.

In fact, there had been a few cases before where Dr Tan hesitated to comment on due to worries that it may be seen as politicising the matter and he had intention to stand for the next Presidential Election.

Come to this point, I mock the half-hearted attempt and the cases where his comment would have made some difference. For example, Dominic Sarron Lee’s case.”

Xu added that Dr Tan didn’t deserve any pity if he indeed finds himself barred from contesting in the next Presidential Election.

“To me, I think it is a closure. That no one ought to be sorry for Dr Tan being disqualified as a candidate because it is not as if he tried his very best. A man has to fight for his own rights, not to ask for pity from the aggressor or stand in line as the oppressed in order to be granted privileges.

I fully agree with Workers’ Party’s stance on the Elected Presidency, that it should be reverted back to an appointed ceremonial position which has no powers vested upon the position.”



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