Towkay Low Urges Workers’ Party Volunteers to Keep their Chins Up and Hammer On

Workers’ Party Chief Low Thia Khiang has urged WP volunteers to keep their chins up and hammer on.

At an appreciation high-tea for volunteers, Mr Low said that it’s okay to feel disappointed, but they must move on and up their game.

Speaking in Mandarin, he said:

“We can despair, but we cannot lose hope. Supporters of the Workers’ Party are waiting for us to make a fresh start and scale greater heights.”

That, said Mr Low, is the Workers’ Party spirit.

Dennis Tan, who has just been sworn-in as a NCMP, also thanked volunteers on his Facebook page:

“Big thank you to all of you who gave up so much of your own time for the campaign and also to your understanding spouses, families and colleagues. Let us all continue to ‘hammer on’ to serve the country we love!”

The WP won 6 out of 28 seats that it contested in GE2015.

It retained Aljunied GRC by a whisker, dropped vote share in Hougang, and lost Punggol East SMC to the PAP’s over-the-hill uncle Charles Chong aka Lucky Charlie.

Much of the loss has been attributed to the surprising 10 percent vote swing against the opposition, which saw the PAP win 69.9 percent of public support.

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