Vote Dr Chee and these are the Goodies You’ll Get, Bukit Batok

The difference between Murali and him, according to SDP chief Dr Chee Soon Juan, is that he won’t be running the town council “by remote control from Shenton Way”.

He was taking a dig at his PAP rival in the Bukit Batok by-election, who is a full-time lawyer.

Dr Chee has said that he plans to be a fulltime MP for Bukit Batok residents, and here’s the plans he has for the estate.

Ho say boh?
(1) Hearts For Bukit Batok

Households in Bukit Batok will be encouraged to adopt a needy family in the community by contributing their time and/or resources to the family’s well-being. This project is aimed at creating a caring community for our elderly and low-income residents.

(2) Pathfinders

A programme that will provide subsidised private tuition for students from lower-income families. This will be run by allied educator Rajakumari Ashukumar.

(3) Dollars and Sense

Ex-NTUC Income chief and presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian will oversee this programme, which will offer financial advice and planning to needy residents.

(4) Legal Lifeline

The SDP has rounded up 7 lawyers who have volunteered to offer their services at a legal clinic for low-income residents who need legal advice.

(5) A Team of Expert Advisors to Manage the Town Council

Dr Chee plans to engage these 4 experts to oversee the transition of management for Bukit Batok’s Town Council:

– Peter Low, a senior counsel and human rights lawyer.
– Yeo Yeu Hong, who runs a company that provided estate management services to various PAP-run town councils
– Wong Hong Koon, a private practice chartered accountant,
– K Siva Sankaran, who owns a company that trades in building material, metals and textiles, and who has experience with internal auditing and accountancy

(6) Bonus (part of the Hearts for Bukit Batok programme)

The SDP will also set up and manage a trust fund that will raise funds to assist Bukit Batok’s elderly poor with monthly stipends or food vouchers.

If elected, Dr Chee will use his MP’s allowance to assist 10 low-income families.

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