Why is Parliament Deafeningly Silent over the Ang Mo Kio Town Council Corruption Scandal?

ELSON: When Ang Mo Kio Town Council general manager Victor Wong was under investigation for corruption, questions were raised from the public and opposition MPs.

Minister for Law and Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam said then to let the law take its course.

Victor Wong pled guilty to the charges in June this year – putting an end to a case which has dragged since end-2016 – and all that’s left is sentencing.

The biggest question unearthed by the AMKTC corruption scandal is not that Victor Wong can find a lao chio to be his mistress.

Rather, it’s about conflict of interest – how did AMKTC approve a key staff of the town council’s managing agent to be appointed as the town council’s general manager, in charge of approving contracts?

And, is this the same approach adopted by other PAP-run town councils?

What were AMKTC chairman Ang Hin Kee and vice-chairman Darryl David’s role in this appointment?

Mr Ang has previously commented that town councillors scrutinise the handling of contracts – so how then did lapses go untended to for over two years?

Should they be recused from handling town council matters, or even step down, as leaders of AMKTC, because their supposed close supervision simply isn’t competent enough?

And, how did AMKTC receive an “all-clear” unqualified financial statement for FY2017 (2016-2017), the year when Victor Wong was still AMKTC general manager?

So many questions, but not a peep in parliament.

In condemning Workers’ Party MPS and AHTC town councillors, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Indranee Rajah said that they do not have the moral authority to speak up on matters related to town council finances.

But when we leave things to PAP MPs to raise questions about a PAP-run town council that has gotten its name dragged through the mud, we get 5 months-worth of deafening silence.




  1. Gerard Lim

    November 8, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    It’s a sad and depressing situation faced by the majority of Singaporeans who had worked so hard all their lives in the hope of having a relaxed and less stressful time in their twilight years; only to be denied time and again by PAP in re-writing CPF policies, introducing all kinds of schemes solely to keep us away from our rightful access to our CPF which is our hard earned savings. PAP has abandoned the people who had trusted (albeit blindly) them. It’s time we should and must exercise our rights and re-take the governance of our country and home from those greedy, arrogant and self-serving PAP ministers and MPs (with the exception of very few); especially the useless PM and his wife. God bless Singapore.

  2. Lcy

    November 19, 2019 at 9:34 am

    Isnt this par on course?

    Opposition overspend 1 cent and bam, everyone out to bash them.

    PAP piss off 1 billion? Honest mistakes, let’s move on.

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