Zorro Lim Knicks It: East Coast Defeat a Crushing Blow to WP’s Expansion Plans

Lim Swee Say pulled off another foot-in-the-mouth antic at one of the least opportune times, but when it came to the polls, he still got the votes.

East Coast GRC residents threw their weight behind “Zorro” and his team, giving them 60.73 percent of the vote.

The Workers’ Party sent in its next strongest team after Aljunied to topple the Manpower Minister’s fortress, but they were left in the dust.

These were expected to form the next wave of the WP’s leadership, but as the votes show, they’ve still a long way to go.

These were men of calibre:

Leon Perera – a self-made man with a double masters in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Daniel Goh – a sociology professor whose flair at rallies unfortunately didn’t change his fortunes
Gerald Giam – an NCMP whose voice in parliament has now been stifled
and Mohd Fairoz – a librarian who worked his way up from the WP’s youth wing and was touted as the next Faisal Manap.

All these, against a man who successfully slighted China and Malaysia in just a minute of a rally speech, angered Hong Kongers protesting for democracy with his comments, and who said its Ok to to possess a degree mill certificate.

Besides Lim, there were also his running mates Jessica Tan, Lim Yi Shyan and Maliki Osman.

Questions have been raised as to whether made the right choice in throwing more highly-qualified candidates into the fray.

The move appeared to be a shift from its blue-collared roots, and this appears to have backfired.

The WP had been looking to conquer eastwards of Singapore, but losses in Fengshan, MacPherson, Sengkang West and Punggol East SMCs, coupled with more gloom and doom in East Coast, Marine Parade and Jalan Besar GRCs put paid to those plans.

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