Alleged Child Kidnapper on the Loose at Bukit Panjang Plaza NTUC

Posted on Nov 14 2016 - 5:12pm by Dear Redwire

Muhamad Riduan Mohamed Yassin: A friend of mine nearly got his son kidnapped! This actually happened at Bukit Panjang Plaza, NTUC Supermarket.

The mum was busy choosing and picking items up, the son was sleeping in the NTUC trolley.

Out of nowhere an Indian guy just appeared and pushed the trolley away from the mum.

The mum shouted for help, but no one gave a f*ck about it but one of the security heard her and acted on it.

The security guy managed to get the kid back, but the Indian guy ran away.

Parents, please be wary about your kids whereabouts and do not let them off your sight for a second!

(UPDATE: Woman who Claimed Child was Nearly Kidnapped at Bukit Panjang Plaza under Investigation)



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  1. Deborah Yap November 15, 2016 at 3:36 pm - Reply

    I am a mother of three grown-up boys n two grandson. I know that as parents, we must protect our children from danger and harm. In this incident, the boys were having a game of football and fun. It is never their intention yo harm others but unfortunately, the ball went off course and landed on the child. I do not think that this incident warrants the girl’s father to act in such a despicable manner towards a young child. What he has done has taught the child nothing but violence n revenge and this is a vicious cycle for the child who grow will do likewise to another person. This man shows no mercy and compassion and he ought to go for counselling himself. He is unable to exercise self control and allow his emotion and his reasoning to cause undue pain and hurt to this child. If this child does not receive help to heal his soul and forgive this man for his wrong doing, he may grow with anger and violence towards others. The authorities should not allow this man to go unpunished for hurting this child. If he wants to vent his anger and frustration, take someone his height and size. He is a bully and should not be allowed to have his right of way. Because this will give the others the impression to do what they want to others and the rest of us just look with helplessness. I do not want to see our sons and daughters fear injustice and have a coward mentality. Where is the law of justice in our land.

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