See, Singapore Government Gives Us Baby Bonus, But Takes Away More with GST!

My child is enrolled in childcare at The Learning Campus. Recently, the childcare centre increased its fees by about S$70 a month and when I asked why, one of the admin staff told me it was because the childcare centre got GST registered.

The extra amount is close to S$1,000 a year just on tax.

The government’s Baby Bonus is not even enough to cover the tax that they ownself collect again on basic essentials such as child care!

While the govt does give us a “subsidy” of S$300 a month, the GST is actually calculated BEFORE the subsidy.

As you can see in the attached page, GST is being charged on about S$750 a month. This calculates to S$68.60 a month in GST.

If I am putting my child in childcare for about 4 years as I have to go to work to feed the family this means I have to pay almost S$3,300 to the government in tax alone. For families with 2 or more kids this easily doubles or triples!

The government just fake fake give a “Baby Bonus” but takes back more than they give us in taxes.

So much for encouraging us to have more kids!

This letter was sent in by a concerned parent.
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