“BreadTalk’s ‘Freshly-Prepared’ Soya Bean Milk is Just ‘Freshly-Transferred” and Sold at a Mark-Up!

KEV: Made a shocking discovery recently about the supposedly “freshly prepared” soya bean milk sold at BreadTalk. Sometimes it’s better to see with your own eyes how things are made rather than believe all the marketing slogans that the companies throw at you.

This “freshly prepared” soya bean milk from BreadTalk always tasted very familiar, but somehow I couldn’t figure out why until now. You see for yourself why. This BreadTalk staff is just pouring Yeo’s soya bean milk into bottles of “freshly prepared” soya bean sold by BreadTalk.

How much is BreadTalk earning from all this? One packet can fill about 3 to 4 bottles. One packet cost S$1.50 at NTUC, not including any bulk buy discount from companies. One bottle of “freshly prepared” soya bean milk at BreadTalk is sold for S$1.80. You go and do the math.

The worse part is not the money, it is that if BreadTalk advertises “freshly prepared” soya bean then it should give us the real deal, not some packet soya bean “freshly prepared” by just transferring into a bottle and selling for mark-up prices. Singapore company does this to Singaporeans while coming up with all sorts of wayang “Happy SG50” specials, this is damn too much.

Support local companies? Won’t be buying from them anymore.


Ed’s Note:

Readers (thanks guys) have continued to send photos of showing BreadTalk staff repackaging Yeo’s soya bean milk into clear bottles which it then sells as a BreadTalk “freshly prepared” soya bean milk drink.

BreadTalk has admitted that it buys Yeo’s soya bean milk in bulk and repackages it as “freshly prepared”.

It has stopped selling the marked-up, repackaged Yeo’s soya bean milk for now, after the company was bombarded by angry netizens demanding answers and accusing it of misleading them.

Full story here: BreadTalk Pulls Soya Bean Milk, Says it Had “No Intention to Mislead” amidst Consumer Firestorm)

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