Freelance Actress: Not Revealingly Dressed, Yet Guys Made Disgusting Comments and Snapped Photos of Me

CYNTHIA KONG: Before I begin, let me stress that I wasn’t wearing anything revealing or provocative. I was in a maxi dress that covered all the way down to my ankles and I even had a denim jacket on. No skin was shown except the area of my face and fingers.

So today I was dining in a restaurant alone and 3 guys in their late 30s to 40s started commenting really loudly about which country I’m from, on my looks, and how they are dying to snap a picture of me to send to their ‘friends’. All the while pretending I’m not just a few tables away.

Just because you have a penis doesn’t give you the rights to do this. I had such a hard time finishing my meal because of the constant disgusting comments, giggles and looks thrown to my direction. There was absolutely no shame from them at all, and I really cannot comprehend how can anyone of this era still think it’s okay to talk about girls half their age like that.

There was only 2 tables in the restaurant (them & me) at that point of time so the looks and comments couldn’t be directed to somebody else. I contemplated on throwing the knife over which happened to be on my hand at that point on time, but decided I wasn’t really prepared to face prison time. I also contemplated on getting up and leaving, but that was my first meal of the day and i also had to rush for another audition in 30 minutes.

But no, making disgusting comments of me and throwing dirty looks apparently wasn’t enough. One of them decided to try his luck and took a few snapshots of me at the entrance of the restaurant after finishing his meal. I had to run and chase after them (leaving my food and bag unattended in the restaurant) just to make sure they delete the photos.

Guys please.. learn to have some respect for your opposite gender and for yourself. Please be reminded that you too came from the same private area and that it was a woman who gave birth to you.

The shaming is real. Please educate all your sons the proper definition of respect..



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