Gov Should Develop Talented Foreigners, Not Sub-Standard Singaporeans


LETTERS: The $350 millions every yr govt spend is for high talented foreign students come here study, not normal foreign students! It is money well spend, not wasted. Some of the students stay back in Singapore to contribute back to our country, those didn’t stay in Singapore will return back to their home countries or work in another foreign countries and will always be grateful to Singapore and help Singapore in other ways like talk good of Singapore or help Singapore win contracts. What Singapore get back is few hundred or thousand times of the $350 millions!

As our govt said before, not all Singaporeans suitable study university. Sadly some Singaporeans who got rejected by our spore universities, go overseas study and get a lousy degree come back and can’t find jobs. They waste their parents’ money (CPF sometimes) and then blame govt for the mistake!

There are many jobs Singaporeans can do and don’t require university degree! Just that they all want do jobs beyond their ability and so waste unnecessary money go overseas study a poor quality degree, thinking they can bluff employers. But employers not stupid, they only take degree of Singapore universities!

The foreign students our govt invest the $350 millions is different, they are best of the world best, we don’t sponsored them, others countries will grab them faster than us! You understand now?

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