HDB Carpark Gantry Too Narrow SCDF Fire Engine can Barely Fit! Got Fire How?

JUNHAO: This is what happens when you build everything that’s “passable” within the bare minimum of standard guidelines. This fire engine was straining to enter a HDB carpark because the gantry was so narrow.

Pity the fireman who had to drive the huge truck through a small opening like that. What’s going to happen if there is an emergency? Later old aunty get burn to death then how? Not only must the fireman drive slowly and carefully to just to enter, he also has to worry about his fire engine and the gantry because if there’s any damage, he will kena tekan until damn jialat (get into serious trouble)!

Then if the gantry is damaged, who’s going to pay for the repairs? I don’t know if it’s the HDB that built the gantry, but if it is, then the SCDF has to compensate the HDB, which is like left hand pay right hand? This should be a HDB are in Woodlands if I’m not wrong.

This gantry thing looks like the Pasir Ris flat thing all over again where the bare minimum is OK on paper but in practice isn’t right (Furious Homeowner: My Premium DBSS Flat Resembles… a Prison?). I hope that that the HDB or authorities in charge can look into the issue.


Thank you Junhao for this letter.
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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Wks can't make it

    August 5, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    Not to worry, BCA n HDB can always change the rules n reduce the entrance to the carpark just like the 1.17 n 1.2m corridor at DBSs homes.

    Wonder whether FSB was consulted in this carpark approval! If so, it means that the SCDF has gone to sleep on its own fire-engine!

    Good luck to Pinocchio n the former Wks ministry! Try harder,can?

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